Wednesday, November 20, 2013

and you thought it was news

Passed along in email -- they're scrubbed and affluent, bright and beautiful, but what makes anyone think they are newscasters?


  1. Never mind the manipulation -- that was like a dharani.
    "Economic factors may take some spring out of the Easter bunny's step this year."
    "Could this be the end of email overload?"

    There was great doubt building. "Could THIS be the end of email overload? Could THIS be the end? What is THIS?"

    Newscasters, divided by time and space and frequency, united by form. Each one manifesting the emptiness, wholeheartedly, obliviously.

  2. Dave -- Very good --like a dharani, I agree. And perhaps as well, like the repetitive assertions of that god among gods of p.r., Joseph

  3. you say goebbels, I say gobbles. let's turn the whole thing off.

  4. Good reminder. Thanks!

    Speaking of Goebbels he was a journalist before he became the murderous propagandist.

    For those not familiar with early to mid 20th century history, through his extensive and intense propaganda campaigns Goebbels was as responsible for the atrocities committed by Germany as Hitler.