Thursday, November 7, 2013

service sector economy

Out of the corner of my ear, yesterday, I heard a voice on the car radio saying that 90% of the U.S. economy was devoted to the "service sector."

Without doing the research necessary for an informed observation, it made me wonder -- is anyone actually making, actually creating anything any more?

What is the price paid for setting aside the literal, physical creation aspect of life? And what skills remain when, whether by design or by accident, the electricity goes off? Quite aside from the mental-health aspect of creating something, will service-sector employees be able to find their ass with both hands when/if the lights go out?

As I say, I haven't done the research, so this is largely whine-festival speculation.

It -- the 90/10 ratio -- also brought to mind the recent uptick and downtick in interest in the "99%" who share in the economic tailings left by an obscenely-wealthy minority. Is there any connection to be made between the two ratios? Maybe so, but I haven't had enough coffee to make it.

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