Friday, November 22, 2013

fried eggs for lunch

A shrink friend of mine was once vacationing with his family, a wife and three smallish children. They were driving along the highway and stopped at a diner for lunch. The kids wanted hamburgers and his wife wanted a tuna sandwich, but my friend ordered fried eggs.

"Dad," his small daughter said authoritatively, "you can't have eggs for lunch. Eggs are for breakfast!"

I wonder how many spiritually-inclined agendas are perfect mirrors for the daughter's assured certainty.

People may laugh at a young child, but how often do they laugh at the spiritually-inclined?

It seems a pity to miss out on an opportunity to laugh.


  1. I had the same reaction when I made pancakes for supper once, Now my daughters request it.from time to time, When I remind them of their original inflexibility, we laugh.

  2. Dear Genkaku,

    While I am very often stupid as a zen student, today I came by as I do once in a while. Missing you perhaps, more so just probably glad that there is a blog that I still bother to read. Moments ago I was just having a look at the economic statistics at Wikipedia, yesterday I was watching HBO's the Pacific and learning about Okinawa's WWII history, you have been a reporter before I was before born, there is a certain romance between USA, Japan, Germany, UK that keeps me puzzled all the time. Then these days enter the silly Middle Kingdom China into the scene. So public debt, a hotly contested issue over the past 3-5 years, has gotten the P.I.G.S. (Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Spain) into trouble years ago. I was told that USA was in significant public debt at more than 100% of GDP, then I learned today so is Singagpore my hometown, our government is also at public debt more than 100% of GDP. Japan's public debt is at 200% of GDP. In a way I take it that the governance and society of these countries is spending more than it is earning. Yet when I took a look at Russia and China, I was like omg, China is at 30% public debt of GDP. That suggests somehow or rather they are earning a lot of money from USA and Singapore isn't it? Well ain't for me to comment. It's just that occasionally I do get upset. I have been staring at your $0.00 Wepay Donation box for over months, and it pisses me off when I ain't earning enough to even donate you a dollar when I loved to. All I could do was to drop by shyingly, and say that somebody loves you, a reason beyond me. Will loving somebody buy you a nicer coffee when you wake up next morn'?

    I wanted to tell my own dad that I loved him, yet ironically I do hate fat men who drinks beer, and he is one such folk.. I.e. fat with a beer belly. You're cuter because you ain't fat.

    So much for all my zen practice, "I hate fat people", that's all I learned after months of chan endeavour recently.


    I had a chance to meet my girlfriend yesterday night, I missed her well enough, couldn't have enough cash to send her home in a cab. While another co-worker of mine, she has been caring for me over a year because while I was busy with family she was starting web businesses and one of it turned out to be a webcam shop where she was marketing an American strip show website. (I recall from your blog before, "I don't know what sex is but I know it when I see it", she is beautiful like my girlfriend)

    Over the past few months I feel like it's time to mate.. it's stupid when I gotta ask my genitals to do the thinking.. I think I love my mother most yet I ain't allowed to make babies with her.. My dad is fit yet it's stupid when I have to ask him to mate with my girlfriend as much as he might love to woohoo.. after awhile later I drop by and wanted to ask how's the sons doing may one and all be well safe and happy.. I still have yet an opportunity to find an English teacher better than you please pardon me being an ignoramous that I have always been

    With attention, emotion, intellect, and care, till a moment when right and wrong was set aside before I found chance to say hi,


  3. Move Along Nothing To See Here

  4. Tell us what you REALLY think, Lionel!

  5. Lots of love to you Lionel.

    From a fattish person.