Friday, November 8, 2013

gold-medal meaning

Perhaps things would be easier if everyone got a gold medal.

Gold medals are no small thing. They represent the pinnacle, the apex and the beyond-all-others of accomplishment. In their time, gold medals respond volubly to the doubt-plagued statement, "I have meaning."

Perhaps things would be easier if everyone got a gold medal.

Who else could do these deeds, think these thoughts, feel these emotions as perfectly? Seriously, it's worth considering. Years of effort poured into ________; wracking moments that seemed never to end; love and kindness bubbling over like some Pacific Rim volcano; dishes washed and washed and washed again; self-serving maneuvers that panned out or didn't; smiles that reached from hair-tip to toe nail in the wake of a wondrous kiss; grueling, bloody battles filled with horrific screams; loneliness that found an end or didn't; bits of intelligence gathered up and put to use; the blessing of children or the curse; things out of reach or within the grasp....

Could anyone, anyone besides you ... anyone!... ever! have lived such a life? Gold medals are for the stand-outs and who could be more outstanding than this?

Perhaps things would be easier if everyone got a gold medal, if everyone had a trophy case within which to store the reassuring reminder, "I have meaning."

Of course the mean-minded will point out that if everyone got a gold medal, gold medals might lose their luster: Gold medals and meaning are for those set apart, those at a greater or different height, those who await applause from others who somehow do not have gold medals. "Meaning" rests its case in the realms of that which lacks or is inept at meaning. At top-tier achievement goes begging without the reassurance of that which stands on some lesser rung. "This perfect life" loses its alluring perfection without some reference to that which is somehow less than perfect. Check out spiritual life if you doubt this.

For all the to-ing and fro-ing, still I think things might be easier if everyone got a gold medal. No one else -- ever! -- could lead this life of yours. Pick up a well-deserved gold medal ... and get on with things.

As far as I can figure out, there is a meaning to your existence and mine. It just doesn't have anything to do with the gold-medal meanings that anyone might crave or whine for or extol or achieve.

Or maybe it does.


  1. Thanks, Genkaku,
    Hell, once again, I think you get a gold medal for your musings, Brotherman.

    I actually did some dictionary crawling today and discovered that in the Greek world, everyone had genius! It was that core of each individual that was the Divine. Genius wasn't just the gold medal stellar intellectual apparatus that we label as such today. It was Universal. Solid gold.

    I then discovered that the word genial came from the same root. (the root word was apparently the Greek God of Sociability as well)

    I know that "no soul" is a teaching in traditional Buddhism, but I think each of us, individually, do deserve that Gold Star for our time as shooting stars. At least that's what this flash in the pan is feeling at the moment.

    Looking further, looking for the Golden Mean-ing of it all?
    it seems that we each ARE that Gold Star.

    Or maybe not.

    A Gassho and a Grin,

  2. Should i receive a gold medal, i intend to return it in protest.