Friday, December 12, 2014

anything you want

This afternoon, I got an email from my sister, Revan. It said:
What would you want to do if you could do anything? Take a trip to the islands, to the mountains, read a book, go to a concert? Whatever it is let's see if we can make it happen. If you need my help or presence let me know and I will be there.
For a moment, I just sat there flabbergasted. My sister is a serious person and not just some Hallmark-feels-good sentimentalist so I know I can take her at her word. But this was ... well, jaw-dropping. I felt as if I were six years old or something. No one has asked me a question like that in forever, let alone offered to help make my wish come true.

After realizing that the pleasure of being asked such a thing was really as good as it gets, I wrote back saying that and adding that ...well... maybe going on a whale watch would be nice: I haven't seen the ocean in so long and being on a ship and seeing a whale ... well, that would be nice too.

But the question itself was really the manna from heaven.


  1. I feel very strongly about you going Whale Watching Adam.... To that end, I offer:
    Please take up anyone's offer to help.... I will gladly chip-in to help get your sorry old-fart ass up here to Bar Harbor for a Whale Watch boat trip. I'll even volunteer to drive down there to pick you up...

  2. I still think you should own a hammock old son. Get your hammock operator credentials and lay there, as though rocking on the water, cloud watching. With practice you can plug in a sleeping bag for star watching. There's a lot to know about the sky. And if you lay there long enough, vertigo will kick in and you'll experience the potential for falling into the sky