Tuesday, December 2, 2014

not cancer

After three or four or five weeks of tests and fidgeting about a potential cancer node on my right lung, the operating deed was done today. They had to play the worst-case-scenario even though they weren't sure. It turned out not to be cancer, and today I feel as if I had been kicked in the chest by some medium-sized, cloven-hoofed animal. A "fungus" was the verdict.

Arrived at the hospital at 7:30 a.m. Monday and arrived back home Tuesday at 1 p.m. That's the most efficient hospitalization I've ever been subjected to.


  1. I'm glad to hear the good news! I hope you recover from the procedure quickly.

  2. Who would have thought a fungus would bear good news? This is wonderful, Adam. Welcome back to December.

  3. Great news,
    welcome home.


  4. I was laughing so loudly before the workstation when I read this post about the fungus now honestly amongst all zen riddles, koans, jokes, and what have we's - I myself am afraid of all kinds of diseases including cancers or HIVs or what have wes, sure the dharma is seldom a secure refuge, still if dharma ain't a secure refuge sometimes I often wonder how does a pay cheque like Barack Obama's make of any real security. Anyways while you were away the Taiwanese President stepped down as Chairman of the China-friendly party that got voted out of favour by the opposition, they lost so heavily to the opposition democratic party sometimes even though it upset me that you still required the brief hospitalisation still, well, may one and well, happy, safe and peaceful, perhaps!

    I feel like screwing a girl in joy, maybe she has a Buddha growing underneath her garments.

    Or I may just watch my five basic training precepts of non-violence while you figure out where to plant that mushroom that probably came in as a spore while we were counting our breaths while meditating.

    :`) Oh yes oh yes a minister on my island got hospitalised also because a mosquito bit him, high fever apparently... all while you were blogging about the hospital visit.

    I lost touch with what was going on in the Middle East except that my defence ministry is sending 50 or 60 military support staff assisting the US-led coalition, they are probably helping out with the medical and engineering support duties near Iraq or Syria.

    Gonna see if customers are paying me this week, if it works out fine I still ain't sure whether can the zendo's roof repair fund-raising could continue as I would liked, the Singapore government is apparently blocking all kinds of crowdfunding options these days as well whether paypal donation buttons or visa or mastercard transactions, even a minimal monetary donation takes a lot of ding-donging because of all kinds of social and internet frauds and scams that are in the news because e.g. a China tour guide tried conning a Singaporean old lady of her lifetime savings through befriending her, goodness ain't sure whether was it a good thing you survived this hospitalisation ordeal at times.


  5. I'm a bit late but Good to hear Adam.. Best wishs always..