Saturday, December 20, 2014

wubba wubba morning

Christmas time and a time for giving, sort of.

Yesterday, I took a longer walk than usual. It was raw and cold and I was half-heartedly looking for Christmas trinkets to give. I didn't find any, but I was exhausted when I got home.

An email asked me to reiterate/reconfirm data I had provided for a list of local Buddhist organizations. I replied with a request to take my info off the list... a gift of sorts. There are plenty of good-hearted people and organizations holding out morsels of imagined perfection. It's not mean-spirited most of the time, but it is tiring. When did perfection ever accomplish anything ... anything other than leading to the question, "when did perfection ever accomplish anything?" ... a nice little gift.

My walk tired me and I lay down for a little. When I awoke, it was dark and I was convinced it was not late afternoon, but rather morning and time to get up. It took a while to straighten out that misperception.

Disconcerted habits. A gift of sorts. I suppose that habits are OK to the extent that they mitigate harm, but otherwise ... well maybe being unhabituated is the most useful track.

A bit of wubba-wubba this morning, but it is consoling to know that someone, somewhere is doing or thinking something important ... wubba wubba.

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  1. After the broken neck and at last the removal of all encumbrances, i'm now walking to the barn to feed the stock every day. Two days so far and my calves are cramping. Today i'll do it again. Naps can get in the way sometimes, but can't be denied sometimes as well. I read somewhere that a cup of coffee just before you lie down will give you the much touted power nap. The caffeine kicks takes 20 minutes to kick in apparently.