Tuesday, August 18, 2015

blowing up the Chinese bubble

Be it understood that what I know about economics would barely wet the bottom of a thimble, but this article about China's centralized efforts to shore up a sagging economy struck me as a good indicator of bubble in the making ... and bubbles have a tendency to pop.


  1. Bubbles are the stair treads of capitalism. Each time one bursts, they get to stick their hand deeper into the working persons pocket.

    1. Now now, it's a communist capitalism in People's Republic of China we are looking at here. Since you are Americans presumably, I'll spare you the renewed hardship of trying to differentiate and re-discourse about Taiwanese Traditional Chinese capitalism from Communist Simplified Chinese capitalism.

      Better still, I just came back from Taiwan - also China - where they are busy mopping up the streets after the strongest typhoon of 2015, in fact they are so busy that the news reported that another one is possibly on its way. Probably a good time doing a bubble foam bath on the streets as well perhaps.