Friday, August 21, 2015


Pick a topic, any topic, and then consider how much energy anyone might put into achieving or averting its various potentials. Scads and scads of energy in an effort, more or less, to be happy ... or maybe happier ... or something. I am thinking of this in a spiritual-endeavor context, but I imagine any context might do as well.

People working their butts off. Hard, hard work. Soaring effort. Enormous discipline. Energy that can segue into insanity sometimes. Thinking, weeping, dissecting, being confounded, fighting for clarity ... busting your chops.

But today I wonder with a soft imperiousness: What would it be like to be happy without ever lifting a finger ... being as still as salt through and through and coming upon or exhibiting what before had been a bright, bright goal. Not a thought. Not an emotion. Not a virtue or philosophy adduced. Not a finger raised ....

Et voila!

No effort at all. No lack of effort either.

If success required an effort, how could it be a success? A single, unintended fart and the universe is filled with redolent and wondrous light.

Make no effort.


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