Friday, August 14, 2015

Japan shoulders its responsibilities ... sort of

On the one hand Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe conceded today that Japan had inflicted "immeasurable damage and suffering" on innocent people during World War II. He stopped short of apologizing personally and in fact suggested that future generations should likewise sidestep any apology. So, thing referred to as "Japan" shouldered some responsibility, but not the entire load that might have called for an apology.

On the other hand, there are the Hong Kong merchants who were forced in 1941 by the invading Japanese to trade their money in for military "yen." When the war ended, the military scrip became useless. But now there are some Chinese who held onto their scrip who would like Japan to reimburse them.

Nobody is holding his or her breath: It seems that shouldering responsibility always has its limits and heaven knows the Japanese are not alone ... the American infatuation with "terrorism" springs to mind..

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