Thursday, August 13, 2015

Julian Assange

Swedish prosecutors have dropped their investigation into sexual assault claims against Julian Assange because they ran out of time to question him.
The Wikileaks founder said he was "extremely disappointed" and said the Swedish prosecutor had avoided hearing his side of the story.
The Australian journalist and activist denies all allegations and has said they are part of a smear campaign.
He still faces the more serious accusation of rape.
Mr Assange sought asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden, fearing he would then be sent to the US and put on trial for releasing secret American documents.
Strange to think that in all the time Assange has lived at the Ecuadorian embassy, I haven't seen a single argument or description that pinpoints his 'treasonous' activities and damage they have done to such high-moral-dudgeon entities as the United States.

Assange, in one way, has become a comforting thread in the tapestry of fear woven by the big business that is "terrorism." But no one has nailed down the actual-factual damage he has or is accused of supporting. The reasoning, no doubt, is that to detail his damage would be to reveal sensitive intelligence, an excuse that continues to cement the burgeoning big-brother government that pretends to protect while endangering all of us ... not least through our wallets.

Since Assange came on the scene, the willingness to arrest people for what they think or what they might do has taken giant steps forward even as the rule of law has been diminished. It is hard to remember that there was a time when the yardstick for incarceration was based solely on the actual commission of a crime.

No wait!

I forgot!

There were lynchings.

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  1. Were, are, and will be. It's sort of like assigning classified status to the dictionary, then if we want to arrest someone, we can confidently find a case of them having spoken with which to hang them. The stuff released was classified, only because nobody'd bothered to reclassify it as old crap we find embarrassing.

    Really, it's as if, should america do something embarrassing, anyone who spoke of it has harmed america, because america must never be embarrassed. Where oh where have the emperors clothes gone.

    A friend, long ago, made a clay figuring of a giant standing on a shield, holding a sword in one hand, the other hand holding the hair of a head slung over his shoulder. It was his own head, and the shield was labeled AMERICA.

    But i guess if corporations can be people, so can governments, and so god becomes kinda human too.