Sunday, October 22, 2017


Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, has secured a strong mandate for his hard line against North Korea and room to push for revision of the country’s pacifist constitution after his party crushed untested opposition parties in Sunday’s general election.
Abe’s Liberal Democratic party (LDP) and its junior coalition partner Komeito were on course to win 311 seats, keeping its two-thirds “supermajority” in the 465-member lower house, an exit poll by TBS television showed. Some other broadcasters had the ruling bloc slightly below the two-thirds mark.
Who needs a pacifist constitution when there is so much need for a diversionary focus provided as the nuclear cleanup/fallout at Fukushima Daiichi continues to be so unrelentingly fucked up.

Does anyone else have the same whispering suspicion I have -- that in the nuclear chess game between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, I am glad to think that at least one party is relatively sane ... and I don't mean Trump?


  1. As a youth, during the Vietnam war, we associated liberal with peace. But terminology is flexible as needs be I guess.

  2. Oy!

    Strong Mandate.

    What did anyone expect the general public to say, “sure let North Korea bomb us”?

    Had a lengthy conversation with a Korean Uber driver. He summed it up: Kim’s vicious, smart and power hungry. Kim is so vicious as to have both his mentor and his brother killed?

    However the issue of self determination is one everyone misses. Where is the discussion giving consideration of by what “right” the countries with nuclear weapons have to dictate to and threaten and sanction and blockade other countries looking to manufacture their own nukes?

    If Trump and Kim were both dropped off on a deserted island. I’d vote to leave them both there and not broadcast the goings on. Comeback to Trump-Un Island in 100 years.