Thursday, October 12, 2017

stupid news

A man returning from plague-plagued Madagascar appears to be responsible for an outbreak in the Seychelles. Clothing designer Gucci has announced "game-changer" plans to dispense with furs in its duds. The Pentagon said it had no plans to spiff up its nuclear arsenal, which is currently the largest in the world, in accordance with U.S. president Donald Trump's announced inclination to 'modernize' the mushroom cloud industry. The holocaust of wildfires in California is so out of control that searching for the missing is all but impossible. Caribbean destinations walloped by hurricanes not so long ago are still shuffling (esp. Puerto Rico) towards an uncertain recovery. Paris plans to ban all but electric cars by 2030. And pickup truck owners -- the guys I always thought had tattoos and growly faces, are demanding more luxury in the new trucks they buy.

In the U.S., the presidential wannabe, Donald Trump, keeps pissing on others' (Iran, North Korea) parades in an apparent effort to divert attention from the fact that none of his stated campaign promises (walling off Mexico, repeal-and-replace Obamacare, replacing coal mining jobs, tax reform, etc.) has yet to become even close to law.

There's too much news for me. Likewise there seems to be too much news for news outlets.

Last night, a woman who helped cobble together a nuclear deal with Iran (a country George Bush Sr. put in America's cross hairs for reasons never forthrightly announced) implied it would be incredibly stupid for America to go back on the deal. First, who could trust a country that made a deal only to break it at the drop of a sociopathic hat? Second, all credible measuring tools indicate (six or seven times to date) that Iran has lived up to its part of the bargain to contain nuclear development and hence (I guess) stop scaring the pants off Israel ... which has nuclear weapons no one seems worried about even with Benjamin Netanyahu at the helm. European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini put the insanity of Trump's bluster about Iran in the light.

Still there's too much news for me. Most of what is called news is news organizations wasting time correcting or purely speculating about what Donald Trump said -- often without evidence or decent argumentation -- as a means of gaining the spotlight ... but not raising up the country he claims to lead. Corrections ... over and over and over again and Trump is never wrong. If he is wrong, it's somebody else's fault. He's the Shock Jock president ... and he reeks like an unwashed jock strap.

Too much news for me. Last night and not for the first time, I switched from news to something more palatable... a drivelous romcom. If Donald Trump wanted to make me stupid, well, I guess it's working.

Hey! The sky's blue and the air's crisp.


  1. It feels like the fact that a guy like trump could be president has derailed all perspective. Sadly, that's what trickles down.

  2. Sorry that the news is getting up down. But its no reason to make you plug up your ears and go la-la-la so as to stop hearing the news you don’t want to hear.

    That’s not to say one doesnt take breaks from the daily onslaught. In fact it’s probably helpful in gaining some perspective by being away from “News Cycle.”

    But it is not a good idea to give up and intentionally ignore the news long term. I’m sure you know this.

    BTW — That Heartless Orange POS just signed an Executive Order meant to unravel Obamacare. Hope it’s challenged in court. Earlier he basic said FU to Porto Rico.

    I applaud Eminem’s new Trump raps. It’s on YouTube. Eminem gives clear voice to Anti-Trump anger. Look for an unedited version as there are too many videos with start and stop commentary. You might want to watch those after watching the original.

    Enjoy the MA cool air, it’s been hot and humid in NYC. Looking forward to a break in the humidity today.