Friday, October 20, 2017

"universal" health care in Canada ... sort of

Ah, health care in Canada is free.

Except for the meds.

This is an issue because meds are the new-ish method of treating patients. Big pharma may gloat and doctors relax, but patients get caught in the cross-hairs.
“It’s a big issue, a big problem,” Danielle Martin, a Toronto doctor, told Sanders in a recent podcast. “I have patients who take their pills every other day, or who take them for a few weeks and then have to wait until the cheque comes in to fill it again.”
Americans may salivate at the "universal" health care enjoyed by their neighbor to the north, but when the patient can't afford the meds, how universal is "universal?"


  1. Still better than being entirely uninsured. But I doubt we'll ever take the profit motive out of health care. God may take care of the beasts of the field and the birds of the air, but he's lousy at people proofing.

  2. Good point, Genkaku. I hope that the 90+% of the Canadian people who want medication brought into universal health care can effectively pressure their representatives to pass the need laws to actualize their desire.

    Apparently, like in the U.S.A. corporate greed needs to be addressed and dealt with.