Wednesday, October 11, 2017

fuel pump repair

The car's fuel pump gave up the ghost on the way to a lab test yesterday and the rest of the day was involved with that waiting helplessness that comes with a broken vehicle. Cars, in the current era, are such an assumption/requirement that it was strange to read the other day that automobiles were likely to be things of the past in the future.

Owning houses, driving cars, handwriting ... who knows what other assumptions of daily life will fall away in times to come? It all strikes me as a good reason to take up a hobby or some other tangible, creative outlet, something for which there are no excuses and the results might make you smile.

Well, the car is 'fixed' now and Donald Trump is still president.

The car, at least, has potential.


  1. Gave up nothing!

    I practice Soto Zen because your allowed to hate. As long as you can sit with it quietly. With that gang there is always shit happening. I was unlucky enough to get tangled up in one of their shit episodes. Their trouble, always have been. Stay strong and be happy to be broke , alone , and allowed to find winners my way.

  2. Soto great question.

    Why am I still alive.

  3. It still amazes me how some religions make the fact that people have have emotions problematic.

    In this regard some Buddhist and Yogic sects are better than others. I believe many teach with little or no true insight. Even those with some insight get confused when they over reach and misinterpret others’ teachings. Dealing with emotions is one big area of misinformation.

    Nice to read your connection to some Soto Zen sect helps. Sitting with your emotions makes sense to me.

    Found out that a new friend is taken with the writings of a Zen Teacher named Steve Hagen. He is in the Soto Lineage of Dainin Katagiri. What group are you sitting with?