Sunday, October 1, 2017

Nobel Peace Prize in Norden bombsight

A Guardian column from Arwa Mahdawi takes acid aim at the Nobel Peace Prize.
It’s that time of year again! The days are growing shorter and the smell of Nordic niceties is in the air. Yes, Monday marks the start of Nobel season, the world’s most prestigious prize-giving ceremony and our annual reminder that Norway exists. Over the course of the week, Nobel prizes will be awarded in six categories – but the only ones most people pay attention to are literature (particularly if the prize goes to a rock star) and peace....
Let’s face it, the Nobel peace prize is a farce; it has been for a long time. Really, it’s time we stopped pretending otherwise and put an end to the pomp and pretence altogether. Indeed, it’s amazing anyone can still say the words “Nobel peace prize” with a straight face considering its recipients constitute a who’s who of hawks, hypocrites and war criminals. I know, I know, #NotAll Nobel peace laureates! There have certainly been recipients, such as Desmond Tutu, who have greatly deserved to be recognised for their work in advancing peace. However, I’m afraid there have also been enough prize embarrassments to have rendered the award meaningless.

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  1. Reality strikes me as similar to a carnival midway. The tents are real, and maybe some of the entertainments are too. But sorting real from not real is a daunting task that takes away from the intended experience. And yet, isn't that our practice? Mountains are mountains, then not mountains, and finally mountains again. Just nod and smile. It's just a carnival, and I grow weary.