Sunday, October 29, 2017

the "non-pretty working classes"

           Kathy  Burke: Self-described "member of the non-pretty working classes"          
Sassy, saucy and very competent Kathy Burke, a British actor and director of whom I had never heard until this morning, makes me wonder, together with other trends, whether the era of pretty-people-on-the-silver screen isn't winding down. I honestly wonder if all those enthusiastic virgins (is anyone a virgin any more?) who set out for Hollywood with dreams of becoming a star are not dissolving. Is it possible that in the near future, wannabe stars will be turned away because they are just too pretty?


Look at the influx of fraught and flawed and pale actresses invading ... esp. movies on the internet. They're such a relief, but when the relief becomes a tsunami of 'real people,' who knows, maybe it'll be same-shit-different-day. Movie makers are too often copy-cats. Bleah. But in the meantime, maybe character development will be dragged into the mix... sort of like the 1940's when movies were 90 minutes long and characters actually changed.

I like this tide -- if tide it be -- quite a lot, but will admit that I am having some trouble keeping up with the fraught and flawed types -- they too have a similarity of looks and caring and fragility. True, it ain't boobs and platinum hair and rugged jaws with five-o'clock-shadow, but the similarities among the lately-evolved breed can flummox this old duffer.

What-ever.... it's fun to know there's a go-fuck-yourself trend out there somewhere. How could anyone not love a woman like Kathy Burke who said, "It’s other people that tell me I’ve got a face like a smacked arse."                                     

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  1. I suppose trends come with change. Dunno about movie star looks though. The initial rise of the media did seem to homogenize, but now it's fractured for so many audiences it's proving Marshall Mcluhan right. A trend here will go unnoticed there.