Thursday, October 19, 2017

Bush critiques Trump

You can get a sense of how rock-bottom low things have fallen when a speech by former U.S. President George W. Bush -- a speech critical of current President Donald Trump's self-serving antics -- brings a sense of applause and appreciation and amen! to the heart.
George W Bush sharply condemned bigotry, conspiracy theories and lies in American politics on Thursday, in what seemed to be a coded attack on the presidency of Donald Trump.
George W. Bush ... you've GOT to be kidding! All I can think is that someone paid him a passel to go out there and, as earlier in his dim career, play the front man.

George W. Bush as torch-bearer .... JEEE-SUS!!!!!


  1. I can't believe I miss Nixon, but that ship sailed when Reagan came in.

  2. Something’s afoot. Given that on the same day former U. S. president Obama said something similar, perhaps it’s a concerted, indirect effort by a number of international oligarchs to purge the U. S. of the Orange Pestilence.