Tuesday, October 24, 2017

“You can’t make everything that’s stupid illegal”

A group of men photographed swimming into a baited croc trap near the scene of a fatal attack in Queensland appear to be vying for the “idiots of the century award”, a local mayor has said.
Photos of the men swimming around and even climbing into the trap at the Port Douglas Marina have surfaced online, leaving the mayor of Douglas Shire, Julia Leu, stunned.
“I was absolutely gobsmacked, this is incredibly stupid and dangerous behaviour. I’m wondering if these fellows are vying for the idiots of the year award or the idiots of the century award,” she told ABC radio.


  1. I guess not, but maybe we could outlaw the breeding of idiots?

  2. We may not be able to make everything that’s stupid illegal, but we can award it.

    These brave but stupid fellows may in fact qualify for a Darwin Award.

    These guys almost qualify based on my reading of the Mission Statement:

    “The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of
    the human genome by honoring those who
    accidentally remove themselves from it.”

    1. Hmmm. The correct URL is


      A problem embedding urls at my end is occurring.

      So, what else is new?
      Another case of stupid.
      Is it really me?