Wednesday, December 13, 2017

beavers to the rescue

Where homo sapiens finds itself outflanked by nature, well, let the wild animals take a crack at things.
A valley in the Forest of Dean will echo to the sound of herbivorous munching next spring when a family of beavers are released into a fenced enclosure to stop a village from flooding, in the first ever such scheme funded by the government....
Chris McFarling, a cabinet member of Forest of Dean district council, said: “Beavers are the most natural water engineers we could ask for. They’re inexpensive, environmentally friendly and contribute to sustainable water and flood management.
“They slow the release of storm water with their semi-porous dams, decreasing the flooding potential downstream. Water quality is improved as a result of their activities. They also allow water to flow during drought conditions. Financially they are so much more cost-effective than traditional flood defence works so it makes sense to use this great value-for-money opportunity.”
And here you thought beavers were just as "pest."


  1. Biological robots taking away traditional flood defense jobs.

  2. Brexit is looking to create another industry. So watch out tree huggers and animal lovers! Beaver pelts are still being used.