Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Trump sends U.S. scientists to France

It's as if (had we missed it on the first go-round) Donald Trump is inviting us all to "Make America Dumb Again."
PARIS (AP) — It is a dream come true for U.S.-based climate scientists — the offer of all-expenses-paid life in France to advance their research in Europe instead of in the United States under climate skeptic President Donald Trump, two of the winners say.
American scientist Camille Parmesan and British scientist Benjamin Sanderson are among the 18 initial winners, including 13 based in the U.S., of French President Emmanuel Macron’s “Make Our Planet Great Again” climate grants.
Macron congratulated the winners during a brief ceremony in Paris on Monday evening, ahead of a climate summit that gathers more than 50 world leaders in the French capital Tuesday.


  1. America, love it (as is) or leave it (unless you're prepared to kneel at the altar of superstition and arrogance). For now it's a voluntary decision. But in nations where it's an enforceable policy, leaving it is just a loss of citizenship and an addition to a chain gang in a gulag. Leaving while it's an actual choice might be a smart play. Some jews got out of Germany just in time under the reich. Those who waited, regretted.

  2. I like to remember without much adduce-able evidence that it's the rich -- the well heeled and middle-class heeled -- who flee most successfully. The guillotine is embossed with monetary symbols etched thereon for the poor schlubs who will, together with their children, feel the blade.