Wednesday, December 27, 2017

tallywacker disappears

A four-storey painting of a penis that piqued the curiosity of New Yorkers when it appeared on Christmas Eve was being painted over on Wednesday – by order of the building’s landlord.
The painting, on an apartment building on Broome Street in the Lower East Side, was commissioned by a local street art foundation and made by a Swedish artist, Carolina Falkholt, as a companion to a similarly vast if more abstract vagina, further east on Pike Street. [The Guardian]
PS. With full-frontal honesty, I have to admit I tacked this onto the blog largely to give myself the opportunity to use a word I have always admired: "tallywacker." It just makes me smile.


  1. Tallywacker takes me back to the Ozarks. The female equivalent was twitchet. I remember a paperback filled with the euphemisms of my youth. It's a fun read, though it does get repetitive as serious folklorists feel a need to be thorough to be sciency.

  2. "Pissing in the Snow" occupies a favored place on my bookshelf.