Tuesday, December 26, 2017

intangible economies

A Guardian editorial to munch on... capitalism without capital...
Intangible capitalism generates what Haskell and Westlake call “inequality of esteem” – a chasm between haves and have-nots that goes beyond affluence and opportunity. It is a disparity in ownership of the political process. Neither side trusts the other with the power to make decisions about the collective future. The two tribes grow suspicious of elections in case the process ends up expressing the will of the “wrong” people. This is a dysfunction in the once flourishing marriage of democracy to capitalism. The two ideas are connected to the extent that the rule of law and civil rights are essential to both, but one does not automatically sustain the other.
If I were capable of absorbing a quarter of this entire editorial, I would give myself a gold star. There ain't no gold stars for this trekker.


  1. I have opinions nobody wants to hear. Besides, they always start arguments and I'm too lazy.

  2. Reinvention.

    Haves vs. Havenots.
    Rich vs. Poor.
    Capitalist Class vs. Working Classes.

    Ever at Odds.

    Universal Truth:
    Greed. Stupidity. Frustration. Depression. Anger. Revolution. Death.

    1. PS

      Regarding the article itself. A distraction from the essential problems of political power hiding inside economic “systems.”

      I have come to expect such distractiins from The Guardian.

      “There’s just no place for a Street Fighting Man.”