Sunday, August 19, 2018

enemies and doing nothing


If there is one capacity a human being might lack, it is the musculature to do nothing. And it is in this regard that anyone might seek to embolden or raise up his or her enemies ... in this way, there will always be something to do.

Such a train of thought can lead anyone to run shrieking into some cozy corner, but maybe it is worth considering. Doing nothing is no mean feat, whatever it may mean. And the desire for meaning is pretty strong. Enemies, like friends, can help... therefore enemies should not be overlooked as a source of support. But "support" against what, precisely? What weakness, if any, does it shore up? What thumb does it stick in what dike?

Somebody or other (a poet or wise man or something ... haven't got the ref in hand) once suggested, "Do not be too virtuous./Too much virtue makes people crazy."


  1. I can do very little, but some grumbling is likely.

  2. "Doing Nothing" is an Art. Like all Art, it takes dedicated training and practice. Like all Art, "Doing Nothing" is a Way of Life.

    One who practices "Doing Nothing" knows that there is a time to act. One who practices "Doing Nothing" knows the value of preparation and waiting while observing. Further, one who practices "Doing Nothing" knows the value of and the risks of alliances. Finalky, one who practices "Doing Nothing" appreciates the value of honesty, compassion, generosity, morality, patience, diligence, and steadfast determination.

    Of course, one who practices "Doing Nothing" understands that learning from one's failings and one's failures is of highest importance.

    1. BTW The corrolary of "... Too Much Virtue Mskes People Crazy" is "There is no such thing as too much real virtue only too much pretend virtue."