Tuesday, August 28, 2018

shredded life, shattered Vatican omerta

ROME (AP) — An Italian journalist who says he helped a former Vatican diplomat pen his bombshell allegation of sex abuse cover-up against Pope Francis says he persuaded the archbishop to go public after the U.S. church was thrown into turmoil by revelations in the Pennsylvania grand jury report.
Marco Tosatti said he helped Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano write, rewrite and edit his 11-page testimony, saying the two sat side-by-side at a wooden table in Tosatti’s living room for three hours on Aug. 22....
As Tosatti accompanied Vigano to his door, he bent down to kiss Vigano’s ring — a sign of respect for Catholic bishops.
“He tried to say ‘No.’ I told him ’It’s not for you, it’s for the role that you (play) that I do it,’” Tosatti said. “He didn’t say anything. He went away, but he was crying.”
Given the pain inflicted and those it was inflicted on, it is hard not to sympathize with those who say every damned tear is warranted. An eye for an eye. But for a man or woman of waning years (Vigano is 77) to turn around and 'fess up after a lifetime of devotion ... to say and feel "I was wrong" and cry ... it is so human and so touching, much as the pain inflicted is so screamingly, rendingly touching.

What a terrible potential for corruption a life of virtue brings with it. The Hindus got it right when they called it "the razor's edge." 

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