Wednesday, August 22, 2018

restocking the swamp

Who says U.S. President Donald Trump is against climate change? As yesterday's convictions of his former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, and his former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, seem to indicate, Trump is nothing if not eager to assure that the political "swamp" he vowed to clean up during his campaign should be restocked.

Poor old swamp. What would it be without endangered species? It is vital to preserve such resources. Together with a tax bill that favors the wealthy, Trump has shown he is intent on doing exactly that. There is money to be made, power to be amassed, and a country to sell out in the relentless march towards the tin-pot dictatorship Trump seems to feel America deserves ... and a good segment of America seems to concur.

Throw the bastards out.

Get new ones.

Preserve the swamp.

Don't be hoodwinked....

Everything has a price and I'm in charge of the cash register.

Strange to think of the confluence of me-too politics in Washington (Republicans are running helter-skelter: shall they get on board with this loose cannon or assert the 'principles' they might want to claim as their bedrock) and the me-too verve of those who feel under-served and under-represented and under-paid. Trump has set the table -- get what you can while there's still some left -- and there are a lot of people bellying up to his table.

A quick Google spin does not reveal the current odds on Donald Trump's possible pardoning of Manafort or Cohen.

PS: A small list of Trump allies who have pleaded guilty or been found guilty since election.

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  1. I imagine it depends on whether or not he's in a pardoning mood, or feels they let him down somehow.