Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Foyle's War"

With the absent but insistent enthusiasm of a man eating potato chips, I have been watching the British TV serial, "Foyle's War." The series is set during and shortly after World War II and centers on a detective who unravels one sort of crime and another.

Its style becomes vaguely predictable over time (I've watched three of the six episodes available on Netflix), but the characters are appealing and quirky and flawed and touching and intelligent, so I keep munching. Aside from anything else, it is a pleasure to watch a drama in which the actors don't look, over-bearingly, like actors.

The show, with its setting in a time of idealized danger, makes me wonder a little if the deliciousness that is applied to moments in the past is ever brought forwards ... into memories of the present.


  1. It was at the library some time ago, and because of the lure of a more 'simple time', and Michael Kithen, forced myself to sit through all the episodes. It never quite delivered...

  2. I love Honeysuckle Week's name...its her real birth name too...

  3. NARDA - Having watched the fourth episode last night, I think I am on your frequency and won't watch any more. "Never quite delivered" is on the money ... the show is like a lot of delicious foreplay followed by a mostly-faked orgasm. The didactic, quasi-deus-ex-machina lecture wrapping up the case ... it's like some kid telling a marvelous tale only to realize s/he's run out of time and quickly brings things to a close with "and they all lived happily ever after." Oh well ... "never quite delivered."

    PETER -- I found myself watching the show in order to delight in her performance and persona ... some place between frumpy and sublime ... the ordinariness of soaring beauty. Right or wrong, "Honeysuckle" evokes in my mind parents who took their cues from the flower-power era of The Beatles.

  4. I suspect you are not far wrong Adam...