Friday, May 24, 2013

let's assume

For those who travel in the Buddhist countryside, one of the central arteries is "everything changes." Intellectually, this is somehow satisfying, as if noticing what had not been noticed before conveys on the visitor an improved understanding and ease. Intellectually, it's kool because it calls into question assumptions that were previously given an elevated or even not-so-elevated status.

Intellectually kool.

Palpably true.

It is as if, but quantifying the truth, there might be some immunity from it.

Assumptions ... can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

In the state of Washington,  a portion of a bridge over the Skagit River, disappeared in "a big puff of dust," according to driver Dan Sligh, who, together with his wife, was unable to stop in time and ended up in the drink. The assumption that the road was smooth and reliable ... poof.

In London, there is shock and horror after a young soldier was brutally slain Wednesday, apparently by
Lee Rigby
two men wielding knives. "Terror" aficionados have gone into high gear, but generally the assumptions and their fallout went unchanged:
Britain's terror threat level has remained unchanged at "substantial" - the middle of five possible rankings.
(An AP story, linked above, was so intent on the "terror" aspects that it failed to mention the name of the young man slain, Lee Rigby.)

When has the quantification of "terror" ever adequately addressed the problem? Yes, you can frighten people; yes, you can support an amorphous bureaucracy; yes, you can pretend to understand (and thus, maybe, sidestep) the reality ... but in a large group of individuals, terror, so-called, is an option no matter how much money is spent. Where peace is gift-wrapped, war is sure to follow.

Assume change.

Assume dissolution.

Assume terror.

Assume love.

Assume joy.

Assume sorrow.

Assume the rug is there and, when that doesn't quite work, assume it will be pulled out from under you.

Assume that there is safety.

Assume that there is danger.

Assume that assumptions are good or bad, right or wrong.

Building up or tearing down, assumptions seem to form a Miracle Glue that holds "it" all together.

I assume you're old enough to know the usefulness of miracles.


  1. I assume grouchy, seems to cover it.

  2. Meanwhile back in the world where stuff is not just fodder for point making, a young widow is crying for her 25 year old husband and father of her children, who was decapitated by two other young men who shouted " Allahu Akbar " as they did it...and filmed themselves doing it.It broad daylight. Near a school in a busy London street.

    But I am sure you can squeeze a few more pithy points from that story to demonstrate your way with words Mr Genkaku.

  3. are such an ass.

  4. Goddamit Adam, did you let those whacks kill those people? You're off my xmas list now fella.