Thursday, May 16, 2013


I have never had an easy time seeing my own successes or, when I did, wallowing in their delights. But this morning was somewhat different.

In an email, a correspondent accused me -- in self-sustaining and polite terms, of course -- of being a blowhard on this blog. Since I write pretty much every day and sometimes at insufferable lengths, the observation was both apt and flattering.

I wrote him back, "Just because I am a blowhard doesn't mean you have to follow suit." And, having written that line, I realized that, besides giving me an outlet for a writing habit I can't seem to kick, the usefulness of this blog lies precisely in the fact that others may recognize their ability not to make the same mistakes that I have.

I have to admit that the thought train lit a small, flashing flame of a "success" I could not and did not wish to sidestep. The important part about seeing an asshole is not the seeing, but the willingness not to be one.

A successful asshole ... as talents go, it has a certain ring to it.


  1. My morning routine:
    Make coffee, feed the cats, check my email, check the latest news, read genkaku's blog. I do this every morning. I read this blog much like I used to read Dear Abbey or other human insight columns. It is about gen's experiences, perspectives and humorous observations. I thoroughly enjoy it...sometimes I get a little "aha" from it, sometimes a chuckle...sometimes irritated when "I" don't agree with what is written...but I have this unique (or so it seems according to some detractors and assholes who don't seem capable of NOT reading this blog) and powerful ability to NOT read it if I so choose.

    I like my morning routine. Keep on truckin' Adam :)

  2. Keep on truckin'indeed.
    You make me think mean feat.

  3. blowhard |ˈblōˌhärd| informal
    a person who blusters and boasts in an unpleasant way : a bunch of pompous blowhards trying to get on the news | [as adj. ] local blowhard politicians.

    By this definition, really does not apply. You're not in anyone's face as they have the option of not logging in. That they seek it out suggests trollish behavior on their part.