Sunday, May 12, 2013


Everybody's got 'em, I suspect, but I'm not much of a fan of saints.

Saints are the ones beside whom others might pale or aspire -- the icons which the rest of us poor schlubs might seek to emulate... bright where we are dim etc.

Today, Pope Francis added hundreds of new saints to the Roman Catholic pantheon. It's good for business and I certainly wouldn't say he's wrong.

But I don't care much for saints. Saints separate in ways that find no purchase in reality. Buddha, Mohammad, Jesus ... pick your icon.

For my money, there are, in fact, saints. But naming them is a flimsy apostasy.


  1. Just go outside for awhile, then experience the saints in nature. All saints alive it's allergy season! Hachoo!!!

  2. I don't need to go outside to enjoy the fruits of allergy season. They travel with me unbidden... a good enough reason, for me, to be skeptical about saints. :)

  3. Wolves, bears, coyotes... at night roaming for food in the deep dark woods outside. I think I might have dreamed last night, but I can't, won't, don't remember if it was about saints or not. Oh well, time to eat breakfast, cereal just munch munch more, again, thanks.