Friday, May 17, 2013


Passed along in email ....

If this doesn't brighten up your day, I'd suggest you commit suicide.


  1. It may or may not alter your enjoyment of the video to know that these are 2 professional actors. And that the woman had appeared in a previous Pumpcast News segment. All indications point to this being a completely staged event by professional actors. The Smoking Gun has the details. As does Slate. Personally, as I watched it, I kept wondering about the odds that a random black man in Los Angeles in 2013 chooses a Bon Jovi song from the 1980s. I do not know any black people who like Bon Jovi. Even in New Jersey. Of course this may say more about me than anything. I did recognize the completely racist nature of my thought as it arose while watching. And yet I am not surprised that someone else watched it, called bullshit and went to investigate. I hope this doesn't mean I should commit suicide.

  2. Anonymous -- I am willing to credit your investigative skills ... and still can't deny I enjoyed it. I guess that says something about my blinkered credulity.