Sunday, November 16, 2014

anti-war video

This was passed along in email... a somewhat shrill indicator of anti-war sentiment that nevertheless hits some nails on the head. Oldish, but I just saw it:

(Reuters) - The U.S. military's ability to stay ahead of technology advances by other countries and respond to multiple crises around the world is already in jeopardy and will get worse unless mandatory budget cuts are reversed, top U.S. officials warned on Saturday.
(Reuters) - American forces have begun advising Iraqi troops in the western Anbar province, the top U.S. general told Reuters, in a faster-than-expected expansion of an operation that is central to its campaign against Islamic State.


  1. A war of occupation against an insurgency is clearly problematic. You're immediately surrounded by invisible enemies and visible non-comtatants of similar garb. And you're in a camp, on a more 9 to 5 schedule. You're not tired because you marched across Europe all day, so at the end of whatever mission of relatively fewer hours you have some time on your hands, and a gun. But you're not home, where you can ask a girl out and deal with all of the social mores of ordinary life. You're with your shooting buddies, encouraged and trained for war. You protect each other with humor that adds to necessary callouses where your compassion once flexed. You're in prison with time on your hands and a gun, and the encouragement to seek and expect the enemy everywhere while looking for entertaining diversions. It all adds up to bad things happening. This is what we're doing to the kids we send to war now. And then they come home, return to the "real" world where a contrast sets in to demonstrate what a horror they've passed through. More are lost to suicide than to battle these days. They were made to do things politicians and the businesses who own them didn't want to do themselves.

    P.S. More money to spend on gadgets sold to us by GE and other producers of our high tech war needs.

    And: I'm wondering how ISIS popped up from nowhere like a young nation holding territory and already printing their own money. Are our intelligence agencies that inept? Has their inception and rise been hidden from us by a press that's less than independent?

  2. No Justice....
    No Peace.....