Sunday, November 9, 2014

death tools

When it comes to the confusion and sorrow of death -- the time when it is time to go and those who are not yet going are searching for words that never really reach -- I suspect that two things might provide pretty good tools:

Music and animals.

Each has one over-riding strong point and relevance:

They don''t talk, so the helplessness is not so glaringly obvious.

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  1. Knowing my own health issues i found myself looking up what my probably experience will be. There's the comfortably drugged approach and the alternative natural way. But this death is only probable as a bus could hit me before then. I imagine a feeling of readiness is helpful, that fighting it is not. And how much fear will be in play can't be known until it comes.

    When my folks died i was devastated. There's nothing you can know that will prepare you for the emotional impact of death. But i can't imagine my own death being as hurtful as when i lost folks. But the wild card is fear.