Sunday, November 2, 2014

whose clock?

Here in the United States, on the East Coast, the clocks have been turned back an hour, from Daylight Saving to Eastern Standard time. Twice a year, this happens -- the clock is set back or forward according to what, as I understand it, were once largely agricultural needs.

Just now, for example, it is 5:53 a.m. Yesterday at this time it was 4:53 a.m. In one sense, the time has changed. In another, the time is the same, but I choose to name it differently.

I wonder if that isn't a bit like spiritual discipline -- everything is the same, but now it has a different tag. And, more important, the chosen shift gives me the opportunity to tune in to what has always been the same. Time has no preferences, but I have. "Time passes" is a tentative, human convenience ... nice enough when it is useful, but not really true.

Time passes if you like.

Peace and clarity arise if you like.

But what is said to arise (as for example Eastern Standard Time) is hardly concerned with what actually arises or comes about or whatever. Now it is 6:07 but to imagine it's 6:07 is a bit much. Now God is in heaven, but to imagine God is in heaven is a bit energetic without much usefulness.

Get real ... who's in charge and what in heaven's name ever suggested that someone could be in charge. If you're the boss, isn't there something cockeyed about saying so?

It's 6:19 ... how about them apples?

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  1. I heard it was established for other reasons, but suggested as far back as Ben Franklin. I remember it was ignored in Arizona. And i'm pretty sure they do it just to piss us off.