Friday, November 21, 2014

British ad stirs many minds

OK, so it made me cry -- a British advert that is currently arousing pros and cons. The ad tells a truncated story of what is commonly called the Christmas Truce during World War I. Various sorts of purists argue that the Christmas ad by Sainsbury's grocery chain is disrespectful and historically inaccurate. But the punchline is enough for me: "Christmas is for sharing." Moreover, those who take issue with the ad do not seem to take umbrage at the endless truncated and corrupt advertisements for militarism and expansionism that clot the television and Internet ("heroes" "democracy" "drones" "Army strong" "terrorism"). It's nice to see a little p.r. for something more peaceable.

Millions killed, maimed, and wounded within and without. Real flesh-and-blood people. Your kin and mine. For what? My guess is "for profit," whether Democrat or Republican.


PS. And here's folk singer John McCutcheon's song about the same topic: "Christmas in the Trenches."

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