Thursday, November 6, 2014

educating the undereducated elderly

If my ignorance is any yardstick -- and there seems to be mounting evidence of its potency as the days pass -- then I think that the LinkedIn initiative of children taking their parents to work is a good one.

Parents spend a lot of time tuning their children in to the moral, intellectual, emotional, physical and financial aspects of life, but, while those realities may be fundamentally sound, there is nothing saying there aren't other, possibly better mouse traps. To see up close what the children do and in what setting ... well, I think it can help fill the information/bias gap between older and younger people.

Central questions may remain -- what happens to the Internet-dependent when the electricity goes out? -- but relationships gain a little.

Perhaps the whole thing is another of those feel-good pieces of up-scale blarney, but there is something in it that feels positive. No conversions necessary ... just see things up-close and personal.

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