Wednesday, November 5, 2014

yes and yes-but

Was there ever a format or discipline that, however clearly-spelled-out and widely agreed-to, was not subjected to criticisms and 'improvements' by newcomers or the rebelliously-inclined?

In England,
An academy in Bradford has sent home 152 pupils for arriving at the school gates without meeting its dress code.
Hanson Academy strictly enforced its school uniform policy on Tuesday, with almost 10% of pupils failing to reach the academy's standards.
Angry parents took to the school's Facebook page to complain about the new measures.
But Hanson Academy claims it "communicated clearly" its expectations for this school year.
Pupils face being sent home for a variety of reasons, including if they wear hoop earrings, two earrings or more per ear or patterned trousers.
It's all pretty much the same in a thoughtful mind: 1. The results seem worthy of joining a particular effort. 2. A mental contract or literal is signed. 3. Practice begins and almost immediately the drawbacks start nipping at your heels... and the need to "suck it up" or "tear it down" kicks in.

Those adhering to the contract (within or without) are labeled purist or lily-livered conformist, depending on the point of view. Those rebelling are tagged as immature or untutored or naughty or leading the charge into a more healthy future ... according to the point of view.

There is "yes" and there is "yes, but."

Once again, old adages seem to cover the situation: "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time."

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  1. Folks don't get involved in local issues when the ballot goes by. Then wonder why things changed on 'em.