Sunday, March 8, 2015

a reality check for Netanyahu and the U.S.

On an election tour, Benjamin Netanyahu came to the United States last week and pissed off U.S. President Barack Obama by addressing a joint session of Congress. He was adamantly opposed to any agreement between the U.S. and Iran in the matter of (potential) nuclear weapons (which Isreal has in reality). For nuclear-armed Israel, Iran is an enemy ... and who in the U.S. Congress would dare to question Israel's assertions? These are guys and gals who, like Netanyahu, want to get re-elected.

Anyway, Al-Jazeera raises some interesting questions when it comes to the facts surrounding Netanyahu's assertions.

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  1. My doctor's an old friend, and Jewish, and we laugh about a lot of things. He summarizes his world view as a certainty that all people are assholes, it's just a matter of degrees from one to another. His view on Israel and the middle east is that they deserve one another. That seems reasonable to me, and begs the question, "How is it our business and why are america's sons and daughters dying there?" I'm pretty sure the answer is money, oil, munitions, etc...