Sunday, March 15, 2015

Emmett Coyne's racism column

Emmett Coyne,a good acquaintance, a Roman Catholic priest, and the author of "The Theology of Fear," wrote this linked commentary for a Florida newspaper in connection with the segregation recollections that have gone on over the last week.

One of the books he cited in his commentary was a book about lynchings that included the observation,
"The best part about it was the burning. The hanging kills too quick."
Sometimes looking in the mirror just means throwing up.

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  1. I'm liking Spinoza lately. Folks make quite a lot of his theory that reason and free will are possible. But he begins with a position that will apply and dominate most of us. It begins with the idea that our "passions" are integral to our nature, and we only let go of a passion when a stronger passion surpasses it. These are the instincts that are part of being a biological entity evolved within the laws of nature. In the face of this, a reasoned thought is a flight of fancy at best, a disciplined mind being a rarity.

    Madison Avenue has made this pretty clear to anyone paying attention. And i imagine those in power are paying attention. And so they invest to make entertainments and inebriants' readily available while neglected to keep us in the loop of what else is going on. Our passions being relatively undisturbed, we don't spend a lot of calories thinking.