Wednesday, November 1, 2017

collateral (marital) damage

MULTAN, Pakistan (AP) — Pakistani police arrested a newly married woman on murder charges after she allegedly poisoned her husband’s milk and it inadvertently killed 17 other people in a remote village, a senior police officer said Wednesday....
Tajak said the woman obtained a poisonous substance from her boyfriend, Shahid Lashari, last week and mixed it in milk for her husband, who refused to drink it. But the woman’s mother-in-law later used the tainted milk to make a traditional yogurt-based drink and served it to 27 members of her extended family, who fell unconscious and were hospitalized.
Seventeen people died and 10 were being treated in a hospital, he said.
Somehow this reminds me of the U.S., which once said Syria's leader, Bashar al-Assad, had to go before any peace initiatives could gain traction. Assad subsequently used nerve gas on those (remember the rows of children's bodies?) who opposed his regime and bombed the shit out of others and now, miraculously, the U.S. is working with Assad against ... uhhh ... you know, the wicked, nasty, and largely unexamined "terrorists" of Islamic State. And here I thought Donald Trump was confusing.

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  1. Somebody made a deal, an offer you can't refuse kind of thing. It seems to happen quite a lot in government and world politics. It's confusing, but we're not privy to the deals made. And just as well I imagine, we might be outraged enough to get ourselves into trouble.