Wednesday, November 8, 2017

fossil fuels bet against renewables

All the gushing enthusiasms in the world cannot yet overcome the balance-sheet realities of fossil fuels when compared to their slim-trim renewable-energy counterparts:
Even as governments and environmentalists forecast a peak in oil demand within a generation - and China and India say they may eventually ban gasoline and diesel vehicles - leaders of the world’s biggest oil firms are not buying the argument that their traditional business faces any imminent threat.
How much of the oil companies' assessments is based on wishful thinking and how much is based on reality is not entirely clear, but the fossil-fuel business seems primed to linger a bit -- or more than a bit -- longer.

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  1. Like political speeches, we should not give much weight to statements made the leaders of the fossil fuel industries. However, educated speculation on the life of fossil fuels and its industry might be of some use.

    Instead, we should give attention to environmental science and to industry, financial and governmental leaders who do their best to identify and solve the problems generated by the use of fossil fuels using environmental science.

    - Andy

    “Think globally, act locally”

    The above phrase was first attributed to Sir Patrick Geddes (1854 – 1932) a Scottish biologist, sociologist, geographer, philanthropist and pioneering town planner. He is known for his innovative thinking in the fields of urban planning and sociology. He was responsible for introducing the concept of "region" to architecture and planning. He has made significant contributions to the consideration of the environment. Geddes believed in working with the environment, versus working against it.