Saturday, November 18, 2017

sticking up for the sacred

An Irish Catholic priest does not appear to be just another whiny Christian.

The Rev. Desmond O’Donnell simply suggests that his flock get with the times and acknowledge the fact that "Christmas" is devoid of sacred meaning. For this reason, O'Donnell has suggested that Christians stop using the word, according to a story in The Guardian.
'We need to let it go, it’s already been hijacked and we just need to recognise and accept that.'
O’Donnell said he is not seeking to disparage non-believers. 'I am simply asking that space be preserved for believers for whom Christmas has nothing to do with Santa and reindeer.'...
O’Donnell said unless Catholicism addressed the reality of what the word Christmas has come to mean, 'secularisation and modern life will continue to launder the church...'
Just because some things aren't sacred doesn't mean all things aren't.

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  1. Sacred, like god, is a loaded term because of the association. It's a human concept that doesn't exist in nature that I can see. We're willing to claim that life is sacred, but not to a hungry carnivore. And we're willing to table the notion for enemies in war.