Thursday, November 2, 2017

menstrual art in Swedish subway station

Graphic artist Liv Strömquist’s series of enlarged felt-pen sketches have been on display at Slussen station for the past five weeks. The Night Garden shows cartoon birds, cats, trees, naked men – and women with unshaven legs and visible menstrual blood.
 It is hard not to sympathize with one tweeting critic who wrote: “It is not enough to get [your period] once a month,” tweeted another. “Now you will be reminded every time you jump on the subway.”


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  2. Art. It can be without beauty and it can make us uncomfortable. Art for polite conversation is ultimately boring.

    Props to a topic possibly never framed as “art” before.

    But, for those who like boring self referential art watch Netflix’ “Meyerowitz Stories.” Great cast but it was so tedious to watch, I had to multitask.