Tuesday, November 7, 2017

homosexuality? dominance? snuggle?

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Recent photos taken in a Kenyan wildlife area show a rare sight: a male lion mounting another male lion in what resemblesa sexual act but is possibly a way of showing dominance....Paul Goldstein, the photographer who captured the images in Kenya’s Maasai Mara reserve in August, said many other species are known to engage in such behavior and that, for example, he had seen giraffes doing it.
“It was just a dramatic thing to see,” Goldstein said of the male lions. He said he was astonished by a Kenyan media report in which Ezekiel Mutua, a Kenyan official, said the lion behavior was “not normal” and made remarks critical of homosexuality.

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  1. Wikipedia has an extensive list of species that evidently have exhibited instances homosexual behavior. It includes lions.

    Honestly these days I’m more interested in the etiology of homophobia.