Saturday, November 18, 2017

quirky laws in U.S. states

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  1. Would a little article describing the basis of these dumb laws help?

    It reminds me of the ad hoc “rules” school administrator make up in junior high school.

    One of the best was when some kids discovered cans of spray poop.

    Some administrators behaved like bad commanders in a movie. Each minor infraction resulted in increasingly harsh penalties, which brought on more stupid infractions which went unsolved.

    “Anyone caught putting artificial or real excrement on an assistant principal’s car or motorcycle will be immediately suspended.”

    Some kids caught when they started messing with other students. They sprayed the fake poop on the banisters and some girls who got the fake shit on their hands puked. The self confessed perps denied putting the fake poop on the vehicles and were not suspended. Most students became even more pissed at the admins.