Friday, November 10, 2017

without which...?

Start the day with a little laughter:

And perhaps a little music:


  1. I've always felt that Victor Borge made me a little bit smarter.

  2. My Muslim cat reminds me of a couple of homo sapiens that were part of my life, I just have to blurt this out because as far as I am concerned, there is a billion Communist Chinese in East Asia that don't mind eating cats, and even the phrase "cat abuse" seem unnecessarily superficial as far as I am concerned.

    Many years ago I was working at a Japanese MNC, after my boss i.e. Jeanette got retrenched, she promised me that she would find me a job at IBM, but I never applied. I was very happy working with her, but it doesn't mean that IBM is a company I would work at. Same thing with the cat. While I was very happy gardening with it, it doesn't mean that Islam is a faith I would subscribe to.