Friday, December 6, 2013

going to Mongolia

Like autumn leaves that collect on the back stoop overnight, the spam-mail folder needs sweeping each morning. The pickings are usually pretty thin around here since I am largely old and uninvolved ... take advantage of a $27 million money transfer; come to Christ; enlarge your pecker; prescription drugs from Canada; and perhaps a dollop or two of Buddhist improvements.

This morning, somehow it tickled my ivories ... a 'spiritual' tour of Mongolia.
I'm suggesting you our BRAND NEW tour which is Spiritual and meditation tour to MONGOLIA in the summer 2014.
It wasn't so much the spiritual part that got to me. But "Mongolia!" What a nifty thought ... a beautiful people, some still herding whatever it is they herd ... tough, sinewy and with very white teeth when they laugh.

Mongolia was a nifty adventure in my ill-informed mind.

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