Tuesday, December 24, 2013

informed by thin air

(CNN) -- If buttons are a thing of the past and touch screens are the present, what are the screens of the future?
It's not a riddle, but it is a trick question: if the projections of companies like Displair are true then the screens of the future won't be screens at all but interactive images floating in mid-air.
According to Russian designer Max Kamanin, creator of Displair, high-tech displays made from mist and air are "the next step in visual technology"....
"An airstream is created from tiny water drops, similar to the ones in the clouds. The water drops are so tiny they don't have any moisture in them; you can test it on paper or your glasses -- your piece of paper will remain dry and your glasses won't steam up. We can then see images that are projected onto these tiny water drops," he explains.

Water that's not wet ... now there's a thought.

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