Tuesday, December 10, 2013

the coldest place on earth

The coldest place on Earth has been measured by satellite to be a bitter minus 93.2 Celsius (-135.8F).
As one might expect, it is in the heart of Antarctica, and was recorded on 10 August, 2010.
Researchers say it is a preliminary figure, and as they refine data from various space-borne thermal sensors it is quite likely they will determine an even colder figure by a degree or so.


  1. A number of years ago we looked at a house in a village near Oxford with a view to buying it..For various reasons we did not go ahead with the purchase;;we subsequently discovered that due to a geographical anomaly the valley the village is situated in is the mostconsistently cold place in England.
    It does not compare with the Antarctic of course..but I still think we had a close shave with chilliness.

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