Sunday, December 8, 2013

victim of your own publicity

A bit muddled but still nudging in my mind:

Of all the difficulties faced by those involved in spiritual endeavor, I suspect that one of the most pronounced is falling victim to your own publicity.

Of course, no one who has fallen victim to his own publicity ever imagines that such a fate could befall him: The good and true and compassionate nature of his spiritual endeavor is beyond such wiles.

But where the wheedling explanations and helping hands abound, it's a fair bet that publicity has won the day and spiritual substance goes begging.

As, for example, in this writing.

I too feel there is something good in spiritual endeavor.

But when someone makes such a statement, I feel something between a profound sorrow and sympathy ... and desire to punch his lights out. Say a single word -- "good" for example -- and the pooch has been well and truly screwed.

I guess everyone is stuck with the farm -- finding a way out of a very-personal and mealy-mouthed publicity.

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